How to Watch UFC on Apple TV Directly for Free

Looking at a way to watch UFC on Apple TV? Then this article is for you. You won’t need any cable tv subscription anymore to watch the fight. This guide has both free and paid methods to stream UFC content. 

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, the largest MMA organization in the world has gained a lot more attention among people and has its own fan base. It’s one fighting competition with the high-ranking fighters in the world.

Unfortunately, the UFC content aired on selected channels alone and that too in specific countries. Added to this, the channels are region-locked, hence people living in those regions alone will be able to access them. This is where a VPN helps you. 

This should explain why people search for some alternative way to watch the event live as soon as they are aired. So, Let’s get started. 

Why should you use a VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a handy tool that helps you to stream online anonymously. It will encrypt your device’s traffic and then tunnels it securely to a server of your choice. By doing this you will be assigned with new online identity with a new IP address and your ISP will not be able to see you are doing. But we suggest you use a VPN for these two primary reasons. 

  • Geo-Restrictions: If you are familiar with streaming sites, then you might be aware of this. Even when you have a subscription but have traveled out of the channel broadcasting region, you will not be able to use it..
  • Copyright Infringement: when you stream PPV content for free, then you are breaching copyright law, this will end up getting a DMCA notice. 

Luckily, a VPN can take care of all these concerns. But make sure you get the right VPN service. 

Before streaming  UFC and other PPV events, it’s our responsibility to let you know the risk involved in it. Watching these paid events for free is illegal and you may end up facing some serious issues from your ISP and Government. So it is highly recommended to connect to a reliable VPN network like ExpressVPN and stream UFC. By using VPN you can hide your IP address and stream safety without any hassle and avoid ISP tracking your online activities.

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Method 1: Watch UFC on Apple TV Online for Free

Streaming UFC/MMA fights live will be easy only when the streaming channel available in your region is offering free streaming of sports events. However, it’s not the situation in most of the cases. There are streaming channels that will broadcast the fight for free, for an instant you can try MatchTV. But MatchTV is a Russian channel and is Geo-restricted outside Russia. To access those channels you will need a VPN.  

MatchTV is available only through the web and there is no MatchTV app for Apple TV, which means the only possible way is to use screen mirroring. Follow the steps to screen UFC on Apple TV.

  1. Make sure you have ExpressVPN for your device.
  2. Turn on the VPN app and connect to Russian Server.
  3. Now in your device, navigate to the control panel.
  4. Select the AirPlay button and click on your Apple TV device to connect.
  5. Once your iOS device got connected to the Apple TV, launch Safari browser on your iOS device  and go to https://matchtv.ru/on-air
  6. That’s it, now you can possibly screen and stream UFC on Apple TV.

List of Broadcasting Channels to watch UFC on Apple TV

United StatesFox Sports
United KingdomSky Sports/BT Sports
Middle EasOSN

Method 2: How to watch UFC on Apple TV with Fight Pass

To catch your favorite fighters in live-action, you need to get the UFC Fight Pass. Before buying the passes, search for the pass rate at different locations. By doing this you might have possibilities to get UFC PPV at cheap rates. Then use a VPN to change your location in the country where the PPV is available at an affordable price. 

PPV Cost
United States

Steps to purchase UFC fight pass:

  1. Turn on the ExpressVPN on your device.
  2. Set up your IP to Singapore IP.
  3. Now download the UFC app for Apple TV from the App store.
  4. Sign up and purchase the PPV Pass. (if you already have a PPV pass, then Sign in using the login credentials)

We have now purchased the fight pass, now you can enjoy your favorite player’s match. 

You can also try with ESPN, the cost of the main event may be expensive, but it offers events like Fight Night at $5 per month. Other services like Sling TV, Hulu, Direct TV also offer UFC content. 

Warping Up: 

That’s all about the comprehensive guide on how to watch UFC on Apple TV. The method one we have suggested here is for people who are not able to get the subscription or fight pass. Hope this will help the UFC fans who don’t want to miss out on their favorite mega-fights. Try these methods and comment on your suggestion below.

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