How to watch UFC on PS4 – A simple guide

If you think your PS4 is only for gaming, sorry it can do more than that. For instance, you can stream your favorite content on the PS4. The best part is the hardware configuration of PS4 can give a much better streaming experience when compared to other streaming devices.

Over the past years, the need for streaming on-demand content was pretty high. In specific, the sports contents. There are two ways to stream any content on the Playstation. Either you can opt for paid services. It’s hassle-free. Or you can go for free services.

We highly recommend you to go for the paid services. If you think the cost is higher, we have good news for you. You can use our exclusive guide to get the paid service for one-third of its original cost. 

Refer this guide: Get UFC Fight Pass for less than Half Price

 How to watch UFC on PS4 – Official Method

After acquiring UFC Fight Pass, it’s a piece of cake. Now you can stream UFC on PS4. Follow the below steps to stream UFC on PS4.

Before streaming  UFC and other PPV events, it’s our responsibility to let you know the risk involved in it. Watching these paid events for free is illegal and you may end up facing some serious issues from your ISP and Government. So it is highly recommended to connect to a reliable VPN network like ExpressVPN and stream UFC. By using VPN you can hide your IP address and stream safety without any hassle and avoid ISP tracking your online activities.

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How to watch UFC on PS4 – Free Method

If you are planning to stream the same content for free, we got a method for that too. For that, you need to navigate to matchtv.ru. It’s one of the m3u based streaming sites. It allows you to stream the content directly via the web browser.

Unfortunately, it works only with the Russian IP. If you are in Russia, you hit a jackpot. Or else, you will need a VPN like ExpressVPN to change the base IP address to Russia or any other desired location.

After masking your IP with Russian IP, you can stream any content for free. In both methods, you need a VPN to watch UFC on PS4. A good VPN like ExpressVPN can help you to keep your online activity anonymous.

Get UFC Fight Pass for less than Half Price

UFC is a global sport and it’s unfair to charge everyone at the same price. To be more precise, people in some countries can’t afford it. So the price of the PPV varies from country to country.

So you can change your IP address to the Philippines using ExpressVPN and purchase the UFC fight pass at their local currency. When comparing it to the USD, the price is just one-third of the actual cost.

Wrap up

These are the steps to stream UFC on PS4. We highly recommend you to get the use of the UFC fight Pass to stream the contents. And When purchasing a UFC fight Pass for 6 months, you can save more. You can try this method for free by using a free one month trial on a VPN.

Hope the article is clear and informative. If you are facing any issue, do comment below. We would be glad to solve your issue.

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